Benefits of 9v9 Football Leagues

By Jack Elliot, CU Boulder

For a very long time, young athletes have only had the opportunity to take part in organized football during the fall season. As times changed, however, more and more young athletes want to advance their football skills in organized team settings rather than just taking part in joyful play of the game during the offseason. The best way to get your child more involved with the sport of football is to sign them up for 9v9 football in the spring season with Elite Youth Sports. 

The first benefit of signing up for 9v9 football is it allows children to continue being active in the spring when they usually do not have organized sports to play. Giving children more opportunity to be active is always beneficial to their overall health and development. 

9v9 truly has all the benefits of real football without the tackling

Elite Youth Sports

Along with that, 9v9 football gives improving football players the opportunity to hone certain skills that are essential for them to thrive when fall comes around. Skills such as team bonding, leadership, and basic football skills such as catching and throwing can be focused on during this spring season. It is almost completely up to the athlete on what they want to work on each spring season. This is because, unlike fall football, there isn’t a strict coach watching your every move or being super tedious about small aspects of the game that they want to be perfect.

Something as simple as getting used to wearing a helmet during games can be seen as a benefit of 9v9 football as well. For young players, it is sometimes uncomfortable wearing a helmet and pads for the first few times. 9v9 provides an opportunity for young athletes to adapt to this change when the consequences will not be as harsh as they would be in the fall.

One final benefit about Elite Youth Sports’ 9v9 league is that although the players wear full gear, it is two hand touch. This way parents that are not yet ready to allow their child to play tackle football can feel more comfortable sending their children to play football.

9v9 truly has all the benefits of real football without the tackling. You can register now at the Elite Youth Sports website for the upcoming spring season of 9v9 football that starts in March.

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